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[Translate to Englisch:] Körperpackungen im Hotel Hochfirst

Body Packs in the Hotel Hochfirst

Ligne St Barth Elasticity

Intensive body treatment with valuable minerals and vitamins that improve the complexion. Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and purify the tissue. The result is visibly smoother and firmer skin.

45 pampering minutes - € 85.00

Fango Pack

A classic treatment that relieves tensions and rheumatic conditions. Also effective in treating chronic female problems, bone fracture after care, bruises and sprains.

40 pampering minutes - € 50.00

Night Candle Oil Crème Pack

The hydrating and moisturizing night candle oil is used in clinical dermatology to treat prematurely aged skin and neurodermatitis. The results are provided by the intensive replenishing effects in combination with the deep nourishing care of the epidermis.

40 pampering minutes - € 55.00

Chalk Pack

Healing chalk has a particularly fine grain size. This results in gentle absorption, which is also used for cosmetic purposes. Alleviates joint inflammation and rheumatic complaints. Pure white chalk promotes circulation in the skin, making it palpably soft and tender.

40 pampering minutes - € 50.00

Ötztal Hay Pack

Hay from unfertilized alpine pastures is a special composition of blossoms and grasses. This yields a high amount of essential oils. A hay bath is invigorating and detoxifying while simultaneously slightly stressing the circulation.

40 pampering minutes - € 60.00