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Ligne ST Barth - One of the worlds most exclusive cosmetics labels

LIGNE ST BARTH is one of the world’s most exclusive cosmetics labels. The care products are only produced in their own laboratory located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbeans – St. Barthélemy. Because of the concentrated natural substances and gentle processing, the care products from LIGNE ST BARTH are suitable for all skin types, and contain only pure vegetable-based dyes.

Treatments for her

St Barth Pureness Short

Enjoy an extraordinary soft facial treatment for your face, neck and neckline. This especially calming and pampering ritual promotes complete relaxation and a balanced and refreshed complexion. Facial and neckline treatment.

Facial and neckline treatment
25 pampering minutes € 64.00

St Barth Pureness

For deep relaxation, experience an exceptionally gentle treatment for your face, neck, neckline and hands featuring the fresh aromas of natural elixirs reminiscent of a colourful Caribbean fruit basket. The high quality, nourishing plant products with natural vitamins and minerals have an intensive clarifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own regenerative capabilities. You profit from a clear, even and fresh complexion. A nourishing hand massage completes this gentle treatment.

Facial and neckline treatment and hand massage
55 pampering minutes € 108.00

St Barth Freshness

Enjoy an intensely relaxing and restorative treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Freshly prepared fruits intensively support the effect of these high-quality nourishing plant products, which have natural vitamins and minerals. A nourishing hand massage with an aroma of Bourbon vanilla, fine lily and Caribbean Tiaré blossoms is an added bonus of this wellness experience.

Facial and neckline treatment with fresh fruits
85 pampering minutes € 143.00

Treatments for him

These facials for men focus on the special needs of men’s skin, including the shaving area.

St Barth Homme Pureness Short

Experience the aroma of natural elixirs. The treatment takes into consideration what men need. Gentle touches have a calming effect on the nervous system. A nourishing hand massage completes the relaxation phase. Ideal for men who want maximum stress relief in the shortest time possible. A refreshing and cleansing facial treatment.

A refreshing and cleansing facial treatment
25 pampering minutes € 64.00

With additional cleaning and facial treatment
55 pampering minutes € 108.00

St Barth Homme Freshness

Experience an exceptional treatment. Exquisite elixirs combined with fresh fruits take you off into a realm of relaxation and pleasure. Relaxation starts with a head & neck massage, which relieves stiff muscles. An indulgent and calming facial treatment provides optimum relaxation. During the relaxation phase your nervous system enjoys maximum recovery. In the tranquil phase your hands are indulged with a nourishing hand massage. A fresh and relaxing complexion lets your personality shine through. Ideal for all men who persistently perform at high levels and who place high demands on themselves.

A refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment
85 pampering minutes € 143.00