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Manicure & Pedicure in the Alpen-Wellness Resort Hochfirst

Sparitual - Slow beauty for a fast world

The secrets of aromatherapy rest on ancient wisdoms that specific plants can positively influence us both physically and spiritually. Spa Ritual has made use of the wisdom that fragrances have aromatherapeutic effects, which speaks to a certain Chakra in our body, and brings balance to our body, spirit and soul. All products are made from regulated organic farms, are 100 % vegan and are produced without artificial dyes and fragrances. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any time.

Spa Manicure

Lean back and enjoy this fantastic spa manicure with botanical extracts. It includes a scented oil hand bath, peeling, nail shaping and cuticle care, a pampering hand pack and finally a relaxing hand massage.

50 pampering minutes € 63.00

Spa Pedicure

Allow your feet and your entire body to relax with this wonderfully scented footbath with bath salts and oils. It is followed by a peeling, making your feet velvety soft and refreshed. We’ll beautify your nails, repair the skin around the nails, and remove any cornified skin. The treatment is concluded with a special foot massage.

55 pampering minutes € 73.00

Medical Pedicure

For the individual needs of your feet.

55 pampering minutes € 73.00

Luxury Manicure Ligne St Barth

Sit back, relax and enjoy the special aromas of exotic flowers during this relaxing treatment featuring an ocean-sand peeling and nail beautification. Afterwards, we’ll spoil you with a hand-packing treatment with special oils.

50 pampering minutes € 73.00

Luxury Pedicure Ligne St Barth

Enjoy a peeling massage with a special Caribbean formula made from ocean sand and coconut oil. Afterwards we will care for any individual foot problems and provide advice. For quick pain relief and relaxation, enjoy a massage with oils from the Caribbean.

55 pampering minutes € 83.00

Nail Polish Service

including a mini polish to take home.

in combination with treatment € 20.00
polish only € 30.00