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[Translate to Englisch:] Wellness Massage im Hotel Hochfirst

Massages in the Hotel Hochfirst in Obergurgl

Choose from our wide range of pleasant and beneficial treatments. Relaxing baths and massages re-invigorate body, spirit and soul. Our very well trained masseurs & therapists are also happy to put together a programme which is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Classic Massage

The ultimate relaxing therapy. A massage not only relieve muscle tension, but also affects your mental well-being.

50 pampering minutes € 95.00

25 pampering minutes € 60.00

Reflex Zone Therapy

The massage therapist targets inner organs, skin, veins and muscles by activating specific nerves and neural paths. Both acute and chronic disturbances can be relieved and the body's immune system is strengthened. Choose between feet or back.

25 pampering minutes € 58.00

Hot Stone Massage

The warm lava stones are placed on the body’s energy fields where body functions originate or where they are influenced. The therapist strokes the hot stones softly over your skin, leaving a pleasant feeling, discernible harmony and a high level of relaxation.

50 pampering minutes € 105.00
80 pampering minutes € 145.00

Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage is a healthy, natural and pain free healing technique. The immune system is invigorated and strengthened when the often blocked lymph fluids are released.

25 pampering minutes € 62.00
50 pampering minutes € 99.00

Combo Massage

Treat yourself to a combination of two popular massages. Enjoy the sensation of a head to toe treatment combining the foot reflex zone massage with a classic back massage.

50 pampering minutes € 98.00

Relaxation Massage

Aroma therapies and massages have been combined for millennia. For this massage, essential oils are used, which are made from herbs and plant extracts known since ancient times.

50 pampering minutes € 98.00

Individual Massage

This massage is designed according to your individual needs. From your little toe to a relaxing face massage, all problem zones will be attended to individually to ensure maximum relaxation.

25 Verwöhnminuten € 62,00
50 Verwöhnminuten € 97,00
80 Verwöhnminuten € 145,00

St Barth Harmony

Caribbean body massage. Beginning with a relaxing ceremony, this massage features various harmonizing products. The treatment has a diuretic effect releasing blockages in the lymphatic system.

50 pampering minutes € 98.00