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Regeneration Therapy in the Hotel Hochfirst

Ear Candles

Hopi Native Americans and the indigenous people of Indonesia used ear candles, in particular to treat pressure in the head, tinnitus, ear pain, slight ear inflammation, poor hearing, hearing loss, migraine, catarrh, coughs, sinus problems, for aural hygiene and much more.

An effective action occurs after 3 - 4 applications.

25 pampering minutes - € 37.00
50 pampering minutes including 10 minutes of after treatment relaxation - € 64.00

1 application in the beauty department & 3 Pair of ear candles for home - € 79.00

Magnetic Field Therapy

The magnetic field resonance system is a preventive health care measure. Using a correctly dosed, pulsating energy field your body’s own energy fields are increased, cellular metabolism is accelerated and cell energy improved. Your vitality is considerably amplified, and the immune system strengthened. The pulsating energy fields remain active within your body for hours by using its resonance fields. Cell regeneration ensues.

8 minutes -   € 10.00
16 minutes - € 15.00
24 minutes - € 22.00