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Wine cellar - Rare vintages in the Hotel Hochfirst

The new vinotheque dubbed “Santé” forms a stylish backdrop for wine tastings and exclusive private dining. Guests can savour rarities from the best wine regions in the world in the truly fascinating ambiente, couched by noble materials and old wood from wine casks. A highlight for connaisseurs, wine lovers and those who treasure exquisite interior design.

Each piece in the vinotheque is unique. At the center is a table made from the wood of old wine barrels, from two 6.500 liter Zweigelt casks hailing from 1966 at the Domaine Wachau Dürnstein Wine Cellars.

Hochfirst Cuvée - Gernot Heinrich

Austria’s top wine-grower Gernot Heinrich creates an annual & exclusive ‘house wine’ for the Hochfirst. The ‘2015 selection’ comprises the grape varieties Merlot & Blaufränkisch.