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Ski tours in Obergurgl

Away from the prepared ski slopes, Ötztal provides skiers with plenty of opportunities to enjoy varied skiing and tours. The three-thousand metre mountains with their superb views and breath-taking deep snow slopes are enticing. The Ötztal Alps are a real paradise for every ski tourer. Nothing is lovelier than leaving your tracks in the powder snow than the beaming sunshine, surrounded by a dreamy mountain setting.

Ski Tour Paradise Ötztal

Exceptionally challenging routes await pros here. In contrast, beginners can get access to this realm on the easier tours. One particular highlight for touring fans is the Wildspitze, Tyrol’s highest mountain summit (3,768 metres). In winter Obergurgl ski school offers 1-2 guided tours a week in the terrain, on the condition that there are at least 4 participants. The destination is chosen according to the snow conditions and the ability levels of those taking part. After skiing in Obergurgl enjoy a short visit to our extensive "Alpen Spa" wellness area.