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Fender GmbH
Family Karl Fender
Gurglerstrasse 123
6456 Obergurgl

Tel: +43 (0) 5256 632 50
Fax: +43 (0) 5256 630 30

Company registration number: FN 399571 f
Commercial Registry Court: Innsbruck Regional Court
UID number: ATU 68610568
Chamber: Chamber of Commerce, tourism division
Professional association: Chamber of Commerce
Job title and Member State: Hotel, Austria

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WEST Werbeagentur GmbH | Franz-Xaver-Renn-Straße 4 | 6460 Imst, Tirol | | +43 5412 213 77
The West Advertising Agency in Imst, Tirol is one of the leading graphic and design companies in the state. The main focus of the agency’s activity are: corporate design, logo development, brochure and book design, corporate publishing, illustration, information graphics, web design as well as the conception and realisation of complex websites.


Cookis GmbH · Franz-Xaver-Rennstraße 4 · 6460 Imst, Tirol · · +43 5412 213 46
Cookis Webworks in Imst, Tirol develops sophisticated technical solutions for the Internet. The Cookis Bakehouse Artist is a trend-setting Typo3-Extension, which makes it is possible to maintain websites in the front-end for the first time. The website was developed with the content management system Bakehouse.

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Die Klartexter, Innsbruck


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